For some, etiquette is a lost art, an old-fashioned set of manners that belong to the past. Good manners, however, are always useful, and decorum, dignity and poise are traits everyone should master. As an event planner, I have had hundreds of my clients asking me about etiquette-related issues, such as how to RSVP, how to write a Thank you note, how to organize the seating charts or prepare the invitations for their formal party. Surely, our world has changed, but formal events are still relevant and require a particular set of skill to present yourself at your very best.
To help you master the fine art of etiquette, I offer three different courses. Classes are offered for a variety of ages. Private classes are available to accommodate individuals, families and businesses. Group classes are scheduled and compiled according to age and skill set.

All classes will be invited to participate in various field trips, events, dinner and outings that will provide you with the opportunity to practice your etiquette skill in a real-life environment. The purpose of every successive level is to build upon the skills, developed in the previous stage, so many of the courses will overlap. If you feel confident in your skills, you might skip the Beginner’s course, but succession is usually recommended.


Beginner’s Etiquette Classes

Beginner’s etiquette classesWill help you grasp the basics of how to conduct yourself with poise and dignity, and how to master the art of conversation. The course consists of several modules, amongst which Manners 101, Conversation Skills, Introductions, Telephone Etiquette and Bullying 101. The handwriting module that’s also included will help you learn about writing in cursive, master your spelling and penmanship. You’ll also receive Table lessons that will help you grasp the basics of table manners, such as how to use the knife, spoon and fork, table settings, as well as a dining lesson with meal, served in the American style of service.

  • Manners 101
  • Conversation Skills
  • Telephone Etiquette
  • Bullying 101
  • Table Lessons

Intermediate Etiquette Classes

If you feel more confident and are ready to take things to a more advanced level, try out our Intermediate Etiquette Class. Features the same modules – Manners 101, Conversation Skills,  1.1 – it will also provide you with more insight and in-depth knowledge of how to behave and act in a formal setting. The Table Lesson 1.2 includes instructions in the American and European styles of service and will culminate in a formal seated dinner, where you can practice your skills. A Cultural lessons module is also included to teach you about how different cultures eat, various religious dietary restrictions and how to respect these differences.

Intermediate etiquette classes will also include Introductions and 1st Impressions, Respect and Courtesy lessons, as well as Comradery – how to be a gracious winner and loser, what good sportsmanship is all about, and how to react to disappointment with dignity. Finally, the course will focus on teaching you how to assert yourself respectfully and to make the difference between rights, entitlements and privileges. You can check some of the other modules included in this course here:

  • Importance of Good Grammar (when it’s appropriate to use slang) and Language (how to express yourself without using profanity
  • How to be a good guest
  • Conversing vs. Gossip
  • Voice Control (what you say vs how you say it)

Advanced Etiquette Classes

If you feel confident in your Etiquette skills, you might want to enroll for our Advanced Etiquette Classes. They will also go through the basics, such as Manners 102, but will also help you polish your Courtesy, Conversation and Table skills, and teach you about Business Telephone Etiquette, dealing with a difficult situation with dignity and respect, learning controlled reactions and reception etiquette. This module also includes exclusive Dating Etiquette and Hosting 101 lessons. Check out the full list of modules here:

  • Manners 102
  • Advanced Conversation Skills
  • Telephone Etiquette (Cell phone etiquette, Casual and Business Phone skills included)
  • Diffusing a difficult situation
  • Advanced discussions on 1st Impressions, Introductions
  • Conversation skills (advanced discussions on listening, thinking through responses, controlled reactions)
  • Interview Impressions
  • Advanced Courtesy
  • Dating Etiquette
  • Hosting 101
  • Advanced Table Lessons (Includes setting a table, formally and informally; seating charts)
  • Reception Etiquette (Discussions on how to conduct yourself at various events)

Of course, the art of etiquette is not something only adults should be interested in mastering. In fact, the sooner you get a grasp of how to behave with dignity and poise in public, the better. To help with that, we offer exclusive Girls’ and Boy’s Finishing Classes. Targeted specifically to younger individuals, they will develop their sense of etiquette and help them learn the basics of how to present themselves in society – when it comes to appearance, communication skills and behavior.
Our Girls’ only and Boys’ only classes are intended for middle to high school students and are focused on discussing sensitive subjects, with openness, respect and understanding and without embarrassment. The Finishing classes will be brought together upon completion of the course to practice the skills they’ve learned and interact with each other. As a parent, you’ll be invited to participate in various events to check on your children’s progress and would have the opportunity to attend a grand final event, where your children will demonstrate their etiquette skills.

Finishing Etiquette Classes

Girl’s Finishing Classes:

  • Poise
  • Dating Etiquette
  • Voice Control
  • Personal Appearance
  • Hygiene
  • Makeup Applications
  • Hair Styling Lessons
  • Fashion (what is appropriate for your body type, age, and event)
  • Personal Safety
  • How to act like a lady and treat a gentleman

Boy’s Finishing Classes:

  • Charm
  • Dating Etiquette
  • Emotional Control
  • Personal Appearance
  • Hygiene/Grooming
  • Men’s Fashion
  • How to act like a gentleman and treat a lady