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How To Get the Most Out of a Destination Wedding Planner

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Having a destination wedding has exploded in popularity and it’s not hard to understand why. Between the lure of saying “I Do” in a remote and romantic location and the convenience and often affordability of an intimate wedding, there is much to love. Destination wedding planners can be critical to the success of a wedding away. Once you’ve found one you adore, how can you make the most of it?

  1.  Recruit your wedding planner’s assistance with choosing a destination and a venue. Destination wedding planners are experts at site selection and have contacts worldwide to assist with the search process. Bring your wish list and specifications to your consultation and watch them work their magic as they match you with the perfect location.
    Oahu Destination Wedding

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  2. Work with your destination wedding planner to secure reservations and any documentation necessary. Once you choose your location, your wedding planner can help you secure travel reservations and accommodations. Additionally, they can help you comply with any pre-wedding procedures to help you secure a marriage license. You may also need visas, immunizations, or other travel-related documents. Ask your planner for advice on where to get complete and accurate details.
Prince Edward Island Destination Wedding

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  1. Plan your wedding together! Your destination wedding planner can help with all of the same details as a traditional wedding planner. Depending on your contract, they may be able to help you create a budget, manage your guest list, produce a task list, manage your vendors and execute your events. Even better, a destination wedding planner sees all of these tasks through the lens of a travel expert and will alert you when something needs to be adjusted or specially prepared to meet your needs.

Destination weddings have a lot of moving parts – get the most out of your planner and enjoy a magical and memorable beginning to your new marriage!

Bora Bora Destination Wedding

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If you’ve had a destination wedding you’d like to share with us we’d LOVE to hear all about it!  Spam us with pics here!


(PS… here is a list of my favorite “swoon-worthy” destinations)

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