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“I-Do” for Two: Elopements on the Rise

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“Run away with me” – they are some of the most romantic words ever uttered sparking visions of a barefooted couple standing in the sand in front of rolling waves. Elopements, small weddings for two, are the stuff of dreams. Practically speaking, however, elopements are more than just romance-fests. They are relatively easy to plan at the last minute and are budget friendly too. It’s no wonder that the wedding industry is buzzing about the king of all small wedding ideas: elopement, and its rise to popularity.

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Who Elopes?

You might be wondering who chooses this break from more traditional weddings.  The convenience factor is appealing to couples of all types. Elopement is a popular choice for second marriages, and for couples with privacy concerns, either personal or professional. Some start planning mega weddings and grow so frustrated that they throw in the towel just to preserve what is left of their sanity! There are as many reasons that elopement might be appealing as there are couples with unique needs.

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Advantages and Considerations

Ease of scheduling is clearly one of the best parts of eloping. You don’t have to coordinate your schedule with every member of your family and bridal party. You can choose to take off for the weekend with little notice, or spend months putting those details in place that will make the day most meaningful to you.

Flexibility can also equate to dollars saved. A couple can take advantage of destination wedding deals and travel promotions, especially last-minute offers. While group travel can be cost effective, the biggest bargains are often found travelers able to leave at a moment’s notice.

While a wedding for two can definitely result in huge savings over a larger wedding, luxury is still an option! Those who want the best of everything can choose exclusive wedding resorts with top-tier services. Be utterly spoiled together as you begin your new lives.

You should know up front that your friends and family may feel excluded from your plans. Reassure them that they are as important to you as they ever have been; you have simply chosen a path that works best for your relationship. You can make them feel more involved by including them in the preparations, or even consider holding a reception celebration when you return home.

Elopement Ceremony

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Elopement Services

All couples should consider engaging the services of a professional wedding planner to assist with an elopement. We can be invaluable when you need to be connected with reputable officiants, photographers, florists, and bakers, among other services. A wedding planner can handle the little details to make sure everything goes smoothly, giving you the best possible experience on your wedding day! Get the wedding help you need like tackling the lesser known challenges of elopement – making arrangements for your wedding attire, creating a functional timeline so everything happens as you planned, and even helping fasten the back of your gown or checking to make sure your tie is really straight.

If the image of a full-scale wedding has you stressed, give some thought and consideration to elopement. What matters most at the end of the day is that you and the one you love are beginning your lives together, whether it’s in the presence of 200 guests, or in a beautiful private moment. Enjoy the fact that you have options and make the choice that is best for the two of you.

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