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Complete Packing List: Reception + Honeymoon

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Complete Packing List: Reception

  • Escort cards, place cards and/or seating chart/list
  • Copy of guest seating assignments sorted by last name (to help lost guests find their reception homes)
  • Copy of guest seating assignments sorted by table (to determine who is missing, or who (gasp) moved!)
  • Copy of the guest list by meal selection, if applicable (for the benefit of the wait staff)
  • Any décor items you are supplying for the guest tables or reception area
  • Toasting glasses
  • Cake knife and server
  • Cake topper
  • Props for photo booth, slow motion booth or photo area
  • Table numbers/names
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  • Extra cake boxes or containers if you plan to take home leftovers
  • A cake box for the anniversary layer if applicable
  • Comfy dancing shoes
  • All items needed for a wardrobe change if you have one planned
  • Sparklers or send-off accessories
  • Guest book or autograph item with appropriate pens
  • Family photos, memorial photos, engagement photos for display
  • Phone numbers for all reception vendors
  • A backup copy of the event time line for your entertainers, with a phonetically spelled list of names that must be announced
  • List of any wedding party being announced into event
  • A copy of pre-written toasts or thank you comments
  • Container to collect gift cards
  • Clear tape for securing cards to gifts when packing up
  • The keys to your getaway car and your wedding night bags (left with a responsible person who will have them ready for you at departure)

Packing Lists: Wedding Night

  • Copy of reservation information
  • Wallets
  • Cell phones
  • Personal toiletries
  • Prescription medications
  • Getaway outfit – if you can change before leaving and entrust your gown to a family member or friend, you will have less to manage the day after
  • Storage bag for gown or tuxes – if you don’t have time to change, make sure you bring whatever is necessary to properly store your formalwear safely
  • Clothes needed for morning after breakfast, if applicable
  • Comfortable and appropriate clothes for traveling
  • Something special and intimate for the wedding night – OR – cozy jammies because you will definitely be exhausted and may want to save the “celebratory” items for the honeymoon!
  • A snack – you might actually need one. Many couples never get to eat with their guests on the wedding day.
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Packing Lists: Honeymoon

  • Tickets or reservation numbers and a copy of agreements for accommodations and travel companies
  • A complete copy of your itinerary (leave one with an emergency contact as well)
  • Passport and any necessary visas.
  • An extra copy of your passport and visas packed in a different bag in case originals are lost or stolen.
  • Wallets
  • Cell phones
  • Personal toiletries
  • Prescription medications sufficient for the entire honeymoon with at least a couple of days extra supplies in case of emergency
  • Sunscreen, skis or scuba wear – necessities for your destination

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