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The Knot: Are You at Risk of Wedding Vendor Fraud?

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I love getting to share tidbits to our readers on how to get the most out of your wedding planning.  Typically it’s all good news and fun ways to reduce stress but sometimes we have to be educated on the negative.  While I’d like to believe that you can make it through wedding planning without any negative experiences, sometimes it isn’t so easy when you have no one to guide you through the process.

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Like any other business relationship you have a responsibility to be well educated about the services and products you are purchasing and from whom.  Today we’re sharing an article that The Knot asked us to contribute to.  It’s all about wedding fraud associated with your vendors.

Imagine finding and ordering the wedding dress of your dreams—only to discover the bridal shop closed their business. It’s a very

real scenario and one that can set you back a lot of money (bye-bye, deposit!) and leave you in a scramble for something to wear down the aisle. While this is just one example, couples can run into all kinds of vendor issues, be it fraud, negligence, services not as described, last-minute cancellations, businesses going under and so on.

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It’s definitely safe to say that most vendors aren’t dishonest, and want to make your wedding the event you’ve always envisioned. But while scams comes with the shadier sets, sometimes mistakes and misunderstandings—and businesses failing—just happen. So how do you make sure you’re not caught in a lurch?  Read More…

If you have any lingering questions about a vendor you hired or are considering please feel free to comment below or email me for some freebie advice!  Don’t get caught in the uncertainty.  Your vendors are here to help and I would say 90% of the time are totally transparent.  It’s the 10% that don’t have your best interest at heart that you want to be wary of.  Luckily for you this industry has some really amazing talent and with anything let their reputations speak for themselves and don’t be afraid to ask some hard hitting questions.  Those that are upstanding won’t have any problem giving you the straight answer you’re looking for.

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