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7 Ways to Be a Gracious Host

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Weddings are collections of special moments meant to be shared with loved ones and remembered forever. That last part is key if you plan to continue to love and be loved by your family and friends after your vows. If you want to stay on the family Christmas list, take to heart these 7 easy ways to be a gracious host.

  1. Put guest comfort and safety first – protect them from sunburn, frostbite, torrential downpours
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    and herds of dangerous animals. An ambulance is not a pretty sight on a wedding day, so go ahead and rent that extra shade canopy, or move the ceremony indoors and away from the elements.

  2. Send invitations and important details in a timely manner. Acknowledge that planning to travel or taking time out of a busy schedule is really hard, but help by giving guests the chance to find their best deals or perfect accommodations
  3. Avoid awkward transitions and unfairly long delays. Sunset photos are important, but your guests will never forgive you if you keep them from dinner for 2 hours while you wait. Plan accordingly.
  4. Remember the reason for the day and show your guests some love. Use nice words, great manners, and have the best of intentions. People simply gravitate towards happy. Enjoy it!
  5. Say thank you multiple ways. Hand write thank you notes. If you don’t want to give a favor or token
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    of appreciation, make a donation in your guests’ name to the charity of your choice.

  6. Enjoy every moment with your people. Wedding guests will adopt their host’s attitude without even realizing something has gone wrong. They don’t know that you forgot the champagne or that your cake was the wrong color. If you are calm, they will be too.
  7. And the most important suggestion: plan a really great party!

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