Feed Your Vendors!

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One of our Make It Posh specialties is our expertise in wedding etiquette. We love making this a nicer world one wedding at a time! This topic is one that is close to my heart, and one where I often see mistakes made that could easily be avoided. Today’s (strong) suggestion is: feed your vendors.

Feed Your Vendors!

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Typically, if you are contracting someone to work three to four hours or more, you should arrange for that person to have a meal and access to non-alcoholic beverages during your wedding. This might include your photography team, your musicians or DJ, and even your photo booth attendant!

Catering staff is generally excluded from this rule, however it is nice to check with your catering manager to be absolutely certain (he or she will love you just for asking!). Additionally, your officiant and his or her spouse should be invited to your reception meal as guests.

Do you have to feed your vendors the same $100 per plate meal that you are offering your guests? No.  Caterers offer vendor meals or reduced plate prices to fill this need. Do specify if you want your vendors to receive hot meals versus boxed, which usually consists of a sandwich, chips and a cookie or similar fare.

You might be saying to yourself, “but they are paid!” While this is true, a career in the wedding industry is unique. When you are onsite for a wedding, you miss some things that other “employees” take for granted – not only is there generally no break room or employee fridge – often there are almost no guaranteed breaks at all. Your pros can find themselves on their feet for 10 to 12 hours at a time if their roles starts early in the day and ends after your departure. Taking care of basic needs with simple meals and beverages can go a long way towards keeping your vendors energetic and passionate about your day.

Feed Your Vendors

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When you order your vendor meals, be sure to confirm with your venue where you plan to have service providers take their meals and breaks. It is preferable to have a small sight outside of guest ear- and eye-shot than to set up a “vendor table” in the reception room with your guests. Most pros would far prefer to be subtle and out of the way.

Feeding your vendors is a small gesture (in the grand scheme of things) that goes a long way towards building good will and trust. Who wants a starving, unhappy professional providing a service on the big day? Take our advice and contact your wedding planner or caterer today.

If you had something amazing and different at your wedding (like this waffle cake) we would love to see and hear about it. Drop us a line!

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