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Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties – A Guide for To-Be-Weds

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When you think of bachelor or bachelorette parties, you might conjure up an image of sash-wearing bridesmaids sticking out of the sunroof of a limousine, or raucous groomsmen with dollar bills in hand at an infamous sort of bar. True, those kinds of parties do still happen, but more and more couples are engaging in less colorful, but no less meaningful, sendoffs from their single lives.

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There are so many fun alternatives to traditional bachelor and bachelorette parties; truly something for everyone. Consider the following options:

  • Bowling, golfing, a round of tennis or even a horseback ride on the beach
  • Weekend getaways – we highly recommend a luxurious spa weekend
  • Adventure getaways – what better way to say goodbye to single life than a bucket-list fulfilling skydive, river rafting excursion, ride on a zipline or scuba dive?
  • Old fashioned sleepover – you know you’ve missed them…
  • Winery crawl in your own limousine or limo bus

These activities can be enjoyed by a bride and her friends, a groom and his pals, or as a couple with loved ones from both sides. Unlike showers, it is even acceptable for the couple to host their own bachelor or bachelorette party. When the couple does host, it’s important to note that they often pay at least their own way.


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Engaged couples play a special role in the planning of most of these celebrations. As the guests of honor, there are responsibilities – fulfilling these makes planning a snap for your hosts and hostesses, and also ensures that Great Aunt Ida doesn’t end up watching you and the girls doing questionable things with shot glasses at a bar. As the couple of the hour, you should:


  • Select your wedding party and designate honor attendants – generally attendants or siblings host bachelor and bachelorette parties
  • Make a list of guests you might like invited to the event, and flag anyone clearly who is not of age or who might be sensitive to “adult content”
  • Ensure that you have included current contact information including addresses, phone numbers and email addresses with your lists.
  • If you prefer a G-rated, PG-rated, or even PG13-rated experience, express this to someone in the wedding party; someone you trust to communicate and honor your wishes.
  • Provide your hosts or hostesses with a list of possible dates when you are free.
  • Show up and enjoy your send off.
  • Be super-grateful. Send thank you notes to all involved (handwritten!).
    thank you note

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Of course, if you’ve always envisioned your party in the style of a scandalous trip to Vegas or Atlantic City, you’re still entitled to the celebration of your dreams. Just don’t feel obligated to live the stereotype. Celebrate the transition from one life to another in a way that honors your sensibilities and keeps your intended happy!

Need help planning an unforgettable bachelor or bachelorette party? Reach out to us today!

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