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Best Event Planner in Richmond, VA!

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How do you know you’ve found the best event planner in Richmond, VA? There is a lot of competition, new folks entering the business every year, and even more leaving it.  There are in-house planners, independent planners, day-of planners. What are the signs that you’ve found the best?

Well, we’ll admit that the answer is subjective, but these are signs we would look for if we were in your shoes:

  1. The Best event planner in Richmond VA will come with a variety of references from a good number of sources attesting to performance that can be independently verified. That means you should be able to cross-check anything you hear to make sure the source of the information is actually a satisfied client and not just someone’s internet-savvy cousin. If a testimonial refers to the best event ever, you can bet that the venue, the vendors, and other attendees will have much raving to do. Check references!
  1. The Best event planner in Richmond VA is experienced. You should expect to be offered a portfolio or evidence of previous events.
  1. The Best event planner in Richmond VA is knowledgeable. During your consultation, it is your right and responsibility to ask questions. The answers should be thoughtful and credible. And the best event planner knows when to say, “I don’t know the answer, but I will find out for you”. The best event planner will also, incidentally, follow through with that promise.
  1. The Best event planner in Richmond VA knows that not every event is a perfect match, and often turns down more business than he or she takes. That said, if you’re not a match, you deserve to know why, and in most cases can expect to be referred to some kind of service, venue, or situation that better meets your needs.
  1. The Best event planner in Richmond VA doesn’t need to be told he or she is the best. The business of managing events is non-stop. Successful professionals providing exceptional service are likely to be humble, focusing on doing business over talking about it.
  1. The Best event planner is easy to find by the trail of happy hearts he or she leaves behind after every job is done.

Naturally, at Make it Posh we are biased towards a particular group of outstanding and caring event planners, but we understand how important a working relationship is. Ultimately, the Best Event planner in Richmond VA is the planner who is best for you. We would love a chance to meet your needs. Let’s start by scheduling an initial consultation today!

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