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Here is a little behind the scenes for you this morning.  I typically work best in the morning…when no one else is awake, the house is quiet and the sun is shining in through the office windows. Today however I am just getting in the groove at noonish after a late night out with my husband. I totally turned into a pumpkin at midnight and am so tired today!  I skipped the coffee and headed straight for the vanilla Diet Coke. The best thing about my workspace is the light is just as lovely at noon as it is at 8am.  I love that our dog can run and hide under the desk when our two year old is chasing after him.  I love that the coffee pot is only feet away.  I especially love that I can email until I’m ready to talk for the day and there is no office politics.  I can work before changing out of my pajamas and no one can complain that I’ve sported a ponytail for more calendar days this year than not.  There is a lot of work and stress behind the scenes when you work at home… but the pros greatly outweigh the cons!

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