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Bless Your Heart – How to Southern Up Your Wedding

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It’s easy, and frankly a whole lot of fun, to incorporate a little Southern Hospitality into your wedding planning. Décor, food, and fashion all are opportunities for you to celebrate our rich, delicious culture. Of course, it’s impossible for me to squeeze all of the best of the South into one tiny post, but I’ll try to highlight as many of my favorites as I can!

Southern-Style Wedding Venues

Start with the perfect setting and the rest is easy. Look for a rustic barn, a picturesque field, or a statuesque old tree that can act as your altar. Historic manors and churches are best bets as well.

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PC: Southern Bride and Groom

Floral and Décor Inspiration

Once you have chosen your site, dare to dream a little and think of the images that your heart associates with the South. If you’d encounter it in the woods, along the Appalachian Trail, find it in a field or lying on a sand dune next to a lighthouse, it’s fair game. Magnolia blooms and greens, hydrangea, and baby’s breath (on its own) are all regional favorite flowers. Couple them with burlap and lace for a rustic look. Loose groupings of greens and hand-tied garden-y blossoms, collected in mason jars or around metal lanterns are also winners.
A monogram makes a proper Southern motif, as does anything inspired by the area’s beautiful summer lightning bugs. Incorporating the many down-home sayings you grew up with as signage or posting them on guest tables and food stations are also fun wedding reception decoration ideas.

Fashion: Your Southern Wedding Style

This is one area where the regional differences within the South really start to show. Sure bets are relaxed linen suits in place of tuxes for men, and seersucker is purely ern. There are even gorgeous bridesmaids dresses made of the textured and subtly striped fabric! You might rock a pair of your favorite western boots underneath your very traditional wedding gown – even better if they are authentic and totally broken in!

Butter My Biscuits! Eat Like a Southerner

This section could easily get out of hand, as there are just too many amazing foods associated with the South. For supper, comfort food is king. Ask your caterer to serve a selection of miniature sliders, chicken and waffles, shrimp and grits, ham biscuits, and homemade mac-n’-cheese. Station some of your favorite accompaniments: greens, fried okra, fried green tomatoes, hush puppies and cheese straws (don’t judge – they’re not only haute cuisine to some, but they can be downright addictive!).
Try a sweet and savory pie bar where guests can sample all the Southern favorites throughout your cocktail period and wedding reception: tomato pie, brown sugar, and chess pies are a good start. A biscuit bar with all your favorite condiments will also keep them coming back for more. Desserts might be individual cobblers or mini banana puddings. You’ll certainly include the traditional Southern groom’s cake along with your choice of main wedding cakes.

…and Drink Like One Too

Don’t even try to brand your wedding Southern unless you serve proper Sweet Tea! Set up beverage stations with mason jars and colorful paper straws, and include other favorites along with your tea. Lemonade and juleps (both the adult and kid-friendly versions) are crowd pleasers. Your bartender can also offer signature beverages to help with the theme. Bourbon is a great starter for Southern-style cocktails.

Oh My Stars!

The list of ways to pay homage to the Southern upbringing just goes on and on. The heritage is rich and the traditions run deep. If your heart is in the South, take my best wedding advice and share that love with your guests and introducing them to the good life!


If you want to find out more fun ways to “Southern Up” your wedding, contact Make it Posh to learn more!

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