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Five Tips to Get You Down the Aisle on Time

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The vision of your perfect wedding probably doesn’t include a late start or impatient guests waiting for your grand entrance, right? Wedding days are super-complex with a bunch of moving parts. In order to stay on track – and on time – you need to have a plan. Here are some of the tricks the pros rely on to keep everything on schedule and feeling like a dream!  You’ll be ready to run, not walk down the aisle if you follow these 5 tips!

1.Final Meetings Schedule final consultations with your wedding coordinator, hair and makeup artist, your ceremony musician, rental company representative, florist, photographer – everyone who has a hand in setting up and executing your event. Make sure everyone is familiar with your wedding location as well as local travel conditions and considerations. Ask all vendors for input on delivery and start times and take their input seriously. The best event planning starts with team effort and expert advice.

2. Timeline Create a timeline based on your conversations and share it with vendors, bridal party, and your family. If you know one of your loved ones is notoriously late, we’ll forgive you if you fib just a little to ensure an on-time arrival!

3. Assemble an Emergency Kit Prepare for all possible and predictable issues. Create an emergency kit with the items you would need to remove stains, repair zippers and tears, or fasten a too-tight gown. Include basic medical supplies to counteract headaches, hangovers, allergies, feminine hygiene issues, upset tummies…anything you can anticipate. Never forget safety pins (in all sizes) and breath mints. They are the miracle workers of the wedding world.

4. Delegate It comes as no surprise that we highly recommend hiring a
professional wedding day coordinator. Even if you never felt that you needed help planning your wedding, you can’t be everywhere and in charge of everything on the big day. You are far more likely to stay on time if an expert assumes the tough jobs while you enjoy every minute of your celebration.

5. Pack In Advance As you plan, keep checklists of all the things you’ll need to have on-site as setup begins. Make a list of personal items that should be with each of you as you get ready. Create separate inventories for your ceremony and reception. Label boxes with great detail to ensure that everything gets set up exactly the way you envisioned. Deliver as much as you can at or before your rehearsal. You deserve a magical day to celebrate the start of your new lives. It’s worth taking the steps that will get you to your perfect wedding on time!


Need help with a timeline?  Contact us today to craft one for you!  Make it Posh has a la carte services to help when you need just a little extra support!

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