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Five Top Catering Trends for Your Fall Wedding

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Okay, just writing about the best wedding ideas for perfect fall events makes my mouth water! After some truly out-of-this world tastings and client catering consultations, I can’t wait until another fall rolls around and wedding planning turns into delicious reality! We searched far and wide for the best and latest trends so we can give our clients the very best wedding reception ideas. Here is your quick guide to the five top catering trends for your fall wedding:

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1. Craft Beer, Cider, and Hot Chocolate Tasting Bars

Your beverages become part of the entertainment when you set up tasting bars where guests can sample a selection of your all-time favorites. Are you beer enthusiasts? Ask your caterer to stock and staff a craft beer tasting station. Have you always associated the turning of the leaves with your childhood favorite apple cider or a steaming mug of hot chocolate? Choose at least 3 or 4 varieties, along with the necessary accompaniments like cinnamon sticks, or mini marshmallows, and give your guests tasty insight into your life stories.

2. Dinner is Served (Tableside)

Gueridon Service is making a comeback at unique weddings. Highly trained waiters bring rolling carts of ingredients to each table and complete the final preparations right in front of your guests. Fresh food and an element of entertainment make this service style a hit with friends and loved ones.

3. Doughnut, Apple and Pie BarsFall wedding catering

Fall dessert bars can replace or complement traditional wedding cakes. Freshly made doughnuts continue to be highly popular. Candied and caramel apples also make great treats to serve on a dessert bar, especially when guests get to choose their own toppings. Finally, pie bars are a perfect fit for fall weddings.  Mini pies give guests the chance to sample more than one amazing filling, while full-size pies make gorgeous displays (and happy loved ones!).

4. Food Trucks

The growing popularity of food trucks has resulted in more options to choose from on your wedding day. Reputable professional catering trucks serve everything from haute fusion cuisine to backyard BBQ. Many are experienced at meeting the unique needs of wedding couples.

5. Locally Grown Foods: From Farm to Table

An absolutely perfect trend for harvest season is the movement towards “Farm to Table” foods or meals made from locally grown, sustainable products. This region is full of specialty farms offering premium products that will make your guests smile. An added benefit: your wedding will support local business owners and healthy agricultural practices.

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Of course, these are just a few of the hottest food trends for fall 2016. If your dream wedding involves amazing food, take note and consult your wedding planner and caterer today.

Do you have other fall themes in mind? We would love to hear them!

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