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Pros and Cons of Planning a Summer Wedding

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June is growing closer and we’re starting to daydream about sultry summer wedding events. Many couples consider it the perfect time of year to exchange vows and celebrate new beginnings – others fear crowded attractions and dangerous, unpredictable weather.

Every season comes with advantages and challenges. It’s best to recognize them now to avoid surprise or disappointment later. We’ve compiled a list of summer wedding pros and cons to help you decide if this season is right for you.

Summer Lovin’ and Lovin’ Summer: The Pros

Phenomenal Photo Ops: Sunny summer days make amazing backdrops for stunning wedding photos. Sunrise to sundown, there are so many opportunities, you’ll spend most of fall sorting through the photos trying to narrow them down to a few hundred favorites.

Easy Travel: Out of town guests may find summer travel easier, especially with school-aged children. Then again, if yours is a “no children” kind of wedding, you might move this into your “con” column right about now.

Natural Beauty: Seasonal flowers are bright and bold. The palette potentials are truly unlimited.

Tradition: June has traditionally been the premier choice for walks down the aisle. Sticklers for the “rules” will choose June dates to comply with the unwritten and long-followed wedding conventions.

Fashion Fun: Linen suits, sleeveless gowns, tea-length bridesmaid dresses – these perfect warm-weather fashion options are great during the summer months (and pretty uncomfortable in the dead of winter!).

Farm-to-Table: Locally grown summer produce is a great addition to your wedding menu. It’s also an increasingly popular wedding trend. Delight your guests with the best and freshest regional cuisine available and add something unique to their wedding experience.

Dog Days of Summer: The Cons

When Hot is Too Hot: While warm weather can be comfortable, hot weather can be downright torturous. In some regions only indoor weddings and receptions are practical, and in others, shade tents for guests, and for live musicians, are absolutely necessary. They can also be somewhat costly for couples on limited budgets.

Safety Considerations: Weather can also be unpredictable. Thunderstorms, for example, present dangerous conditions for outdoor weddings – not ideal if you have always dreamed of a party under the stars, or dinner and dancing in a tent. It’s pretty hard to relax and enjoy your days when you’re counting the seconds between thunder and lightening, or holding on to the side of your tent for dear life.

Peak Season: Demand for accommodations in “tourist” towns during the summer may be high. Guests may have to compete for reservations or pay premium prices. Negotiating great room block contracts is most important during high volume times of year.

Every season of the year has something great to offer along with a fair share of challenges. Which one most appeals to you?  We would love to hear from you!

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