We do Monograms, Magnolia Trees, Sweet Tea, Mason Jars and Love

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I LOVE being from the South.  We have the warmest summers, quietest nights, brightest fireflies and the warmest people.  I love that in the South you’ll never meet a stranger.  We put monograms on  everything.  We don’t hide crazy.  We parade it on the front porch and give it tea.   Of course that tea has got to be diabetic shock inducing-ly sweet tea.  I love that we don’t carry dogs in purses or wear obscenely high heels to outdoor functions.  I love that you can be a beauty queen and a tom boy at the same time.  I love that no matter what; we are kind to people.  Our kids say Yes Ma’am and No sir.  Please and Thank you… we hold doors open for the next person.  Hand written notes still exist.  Porches can never be too big and you can never have too much food.  Visitors are always welcome and the lemonade is never sour.  Beach season is from April to October. We still have hay rides and apple butter. Mac and Cheese is considered a vegetable.  We go apple picking, have a festival every few weeks and read stories to our children.  Our families are most important to us and it all begins with I DO…

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