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Welcome to my Stream of Consciousness!! I am so excited for this opportunity to re-launch! It’s been a long time goal of mine to connect more with our clients (past, present, and future) on a more personal and direct level. It’s also been a long time apprehension. I am definitely not an author of anything. I use too many over exaggerated punctuation’s of enthusiasm or (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) so please excuse me while I try to reign myself in.(!!) There have been so many changes in our services, business and vision. This is the perfect opportunity for me to share them with you. Firstly you may notice the new and so much improved website and brand! I think this really characterizes my style and accurately represents this company! I really have a hard time separating “company” from “me”. I mean… really this company is ME! It is my heart, my soul, my passion and best of all…my creative outlet. Our old brand and website didn’t really portray my vision of anything and I was oh so bad about updating. It’s my mid-year resolution to be better about developing our online presence. Don’t worry! I’ll keep it to a minimum! Maybe… I tend to get obsessed with new projects 🙂

With that I bring you the new MAKE IT POSH!!!

Enjoy!! Here are some of the steps that we went through to get to this new amazing brand and site:


Lets start with the before:




We basically scrapped everything and started off with a new, fresh, and of course responsive layout.  Here are few early on images before the site really came to life!


Then of course the logos.  We went through quite a few comps, but refined and refined until we fell in love with our finished product!

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