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Find an Event Planner in Richmond Virginia

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Are you wondering what the best ways are to find an event planner in Richmond, Virginia? These are some tried and true suggestions to help you in your search:

  • Trust a friend. Have you attended a great event recently or know someone who consistently throws the best events? Make a quick call or send a text and ask for the contact information of their event planner.
  • Ask your venue manager. If you have already selected your venue, ask your venue manager for a referral. For a list of some of our favorite venues in Richmond, click here!
  • Ask a caterer. Few vendors work a wider variety of events than caterers. Consult with one with whom you are comfortable, and find out who is on their recommended list.
  • Attend event expos. Some communities host business events that may feature local event planners. Look for
    PC: Amanda Dumouchelle

    PC: Amanda Dumouchelle

    opportunities to attend these events, see sample products and designs, and chat with representatives. Follow up by scheduling an individual consultation.

  • Read and vet online reviews. The key is not only to read reviews, but to take the time to confirm the sources of these reviews to ensure the credibility of satisfied or dissatisfied clients.
  • Consult preferred lists. Many venues issue preferred lists of vendors, including event planners. Some are even easily available online. The events community can be political, of course, and not every venue is motivated specifically by quality. However, you can usually view multiple lists fairly easily. Compare the names on the lists and look for trends. A name that appears on many lists may be one you want to check into.
  • Seek referrals from event or business organizations. The local chamber of commerce is an excellent source of referrals to regional businesses. There are also event-specific websites that offer member lists that are helpful places to start.

There are many event planners in Richmond, Virginia to choose from, so do some research. Personal referrals tend to be the most reliable with the highest rate of return, but all of the methods have merit. If one avenue doesn’t work, don’t give up! Keep trying until you find an event planner who is perfect for you.

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