Why Do I Need a Wedding Planner?

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When you’re planning a wedding, the one thing you are guaranteed is an amusing amount of unsolicited advice. Everyone is the expert on what you need most in the world. More than one person you trust may be telling you that you should hire a planner ASAP. We don’t blame you at all for asking yourself, “Why do I need a wedding planner?”

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Traditionally, extended families and whole communities did all of the planning for every wedding. Usually, weddings took place in the couple’s house of worship, and often the reception was held at home. Friends and family often contributed the flowers, the clothes, the food and even the entertainment. Eventually, though, a new age dawned in which family units were not bound as tightly, and those roles were ultimately outsourced to paid wedding professionals.

Today, many of us don’t have an expert family member knowledgeable enough to legitimately manage a wedding. We have moved farther from our family homes, and many couples are marrying older and no longer are able to turn to a parent for guidance. Despite an insane volume of information available on the internet, many people simply don’t know how and when to perform all of the tasks necessary to plan and manage a wedding.

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You need a wedding planner to give you the potential for maximum enjoyment of your celebration. Your planner can take the weight of nearly all of the responsibilities off of your shoulders and shield you from the chaos that can surround such important events. You benefit from expert guidance before the wedding as you choose your professional vendors, make major decisions and communicate with your loved ones.

A planner ensures that your design elements look stunning, your food choices are delectable, and your guests are comfortable and happy at all times. All you have to do is share your vision and priorities, collect contact information, and show up to take direction and enjoy your special moments together.

Why do you need a wedding planner? You need a planner because you deserve to be pampered and spoiled just this once while you enjoy making the memories that will last you a lifetime. You need a planner because this is your wedding day.

It’s time you meet your planner and start working on your dreams. Contact Make It Posh today to schedule your initial consultation. We look forward to meeting you!

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