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The Do’s and Don’ts of Wedding Toasts

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One of the most nerve-wracking responsibilities for honor attendants and parents is delivering a wedding toast. You want to say something that will make guests laugh and cry, and leave them wanting more (not booing you off the dance floor!). We can’t necessarily take the anxiety and anticipation out of the duty, but we can share our do’s and don’ts …

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Tech Tools to Help You Plan Your Wedding

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Face it – we’re basically fully integrated with our laptops, cellphone and smart devices. When you want a deal, you can choose from hundreds of shopping apps to find the latest rebates or offers. If you want something to eat in a strange town, all you need to do is ask Siri or another tech tool and you’ll receive a …

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Create a Great Wedding Budget in 6 Easy Steps

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Negotiating your wedding budget probably doesn’t sound like as much fun as creating an inspiration board of gorgeous seasonal flowers, or trying on stunning rings. It is, however, an important first step when you first get engaged, so we’re sharing some of our own, generally painless step to creating a wedding budget. 1. Keep Your Head in the Cloud Or, …

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How to Save Money and Still Have Your Dream Wedding

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A wedding is one of the most expensive events most folks ever plan. If you search the best wedding planning sites or the shelves of a great bookstore (they still exist!), you’ll find gobs of advice about saving money on your dream wedding, but how much of it is good advice? I think we’ve pretty much heard it all, from …

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Take a Seat: A Wedding Planner’s Quick Guide to Guest Seat Assignments

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There is nothing quite like the experience of taking two families, two sets of friends, and two sets of peers or coworkers, throwing them all into the same room, and requiring them all to get along (often with alcohol). It seems a little unfair that the task of sorting out the whole mess falls to the guests of honor, but …

Preppy Wedding on the James

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This preppy wedding has been one of my all-time favorites!!! It had everything I loved.  Style, personality, a great band, amazing lighting but most of all everyone involved was fantastic.  The couple; Winston and Carter were so fun to work with.  The guests were a blast and so interactive.  Winston’s parents hosted the wedding at their home on the James.  …