Preparing for Your Vendor Interviews and Consultations: Rental Company

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When to Meet: The extent of your rental needs will dictate when you should plan to meet with prospective companies. If your list is long and includes large items like tents, generators, restrooms, staging, power distribution and the like, you’ll want to contact the rental company well in advance. As soon as the venue is secured, you should begin evaluating candidates.

If your needs are more modest and include primarily items like tables, linens and chairs, it is usually okay to wait until the 6-8 month mark, unless your wedding is on a high-volume, highly popular weekend.

What to Bring: A copy of your venue contract can be very helpful, although most local rental companies will be familiar with

popular sites and their policies. Bring any photos you have collected or other décor inspiration to help your consultant understand your vision. Bring an open mind – often there are rental options you never would have thought of that particularly suit certain venues or styles of parties, and rental sales consultants may be able to offer you a plethora of ideas.

What to Expect: Most rental providers have a showroom where you can see many of their inventory items in person. Plan on exchanging details such as dates, times, locations and number of guests and answering questions about your ceremony as well as

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reception. If your caterer needs rental supplies, bring a list so you don’t leave anything out. You will be offered a rental quote and should be told when to expect it and how you will receive it. A deposit will be required to secure services and inventory. This is most time sensitive in the case of highly limited inventory items like specialty tents.

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