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Don’t Forget! How to Beat Wedding Brain

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While some of us are excellent at multi-tasking, research shows that most of us aren’t as good as we think we are. Throwing a wedding is the ultimate multi-tasking opportunity with more moving parts thank nearly any other kind of event. How can you be sure that you have everything under control, and that you don’t forget the little things?


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The Power of a Packing List

Committing the time and discipline needed to both assemble and monitor a packing list may seem almost impossible, but writing down the things you know you’ll need as you realize you will need them is your best course of action if you want to prevent wedding brain. This includes everything – your cake knife, that pretty cloth you wanted over the altar, your grandmother’s earrings – your shoes! See our tips to find out exactly what to include on your packing list.


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Designate, Designate, Designate

Face it – none of us became superheroes the moment we became engaged. If it is too much work, and the stress of it all is bearing down on you, it’s time to take a break. Go on a “date” with your future hubby (find ideas here – page) or just take some down time with your friends. When you pick up again, ask them to give you a hand with addressing, assembling and just generally attending to the little things. Sharing the burden could clear the wedding blues right away.


Don’t Wait until the Last Minute

The more there is to do during those precious last couple of weeks before the wedding, the more there is to forget to do, bring and prepare. Spread the tasks out over your entire engagement to alleviate the procrastination blues.


Go High Tech

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Give yourself an extra edge and download a great reminder app for your mobile devices. Or, share a common calendar with your vendors and your wedding party that will sync up everyone’s phones and tablets. There is an app out there for almost every kind of personality. Find the ones that help keep you in line and make them part of your wedding arsenal.


Finally, there are certain things that more than a few people tend to forget. In particular, make sure you pack your shoes and the underthings that you need on the wedding day, your garter (if we had a dollar for every missing garter…), the rings and the final payments for vendors who collect on the wedding day. It’s a random list, but one you can be assured will save you on your big day!

Need guidance or someone to help you take the stress out of planning? Contact us for advice today!

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