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What’s Hot in Wedding Cakes?

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There is nothing more delicious than closely examining current wedding cake trends. True, it involves a bit of drooling, and a lot of Pinterest and Instagram surfing, but there are much worse jobs!   It has been a really strange year in cakes. In the same season we have seen the most simple, return-to-tradition white detail on white frosting cakes while being completely distracted by distinctly elaborate and attention-grabbing designs. It’s a good time for all engaged couples because if you want it, you can certainly have it (I’m not totally sure this wedding planner can embrace the “Superhero Cake” trend, but I’ll try to stay open-minded).

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That said, a number of specialty cake designs are capturing the hearts and minds of engaged couples more than others. These cake trends make up our list of what’s hot in wedding cakes today:

Metallic Cakes

Not a completely new trend, metallic cakes are becoming far more common, and more elaborate. In the past, “metallic” meant accented with something glittery, but now whole layers, and indeed whole cakes are practically reflective.

Naked Cakes

Never were there two more opposite trends. Naked cakes seemed so avant garde when they first burst on to the wedding scene but now they are standard fair at rustic weddings. Beautiful, and earthy, as long as “simple and elegant” are popular with couples, naked cakes will have a place among the top cake styles.

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Drip Cakes
Have you seen these? Envision frosting dripping lava like from the top layer of a wedding cake. Or paint dripping from the lid of a paint can, only sweet and completely edible. Drip cakes have a carefree, just-a-little-imperfect feel and are rapidly growing in recognition.

Custom Cake Toppers

For a long time, there could only be one of two things on top of a wedding cake: a collection of fresh flowers or nothing at all – well, for a couple of years limited monograms were acceptable too. Gone were the days of perfectly paired little figurines. Traditions tend to run in cycles, however, and cake toppers are back and more popular than ever. Couples are custom ordering bobble heads, symbolic animals, sports figures and even short phrases. You can get literally anything you can imagine. The age of cake toppers has returned.

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Marbled, Colorful, and Intricate Cakes

Dramatic cakes are en vogue. They include sequined, lace-inspired, jewel-toned, water-colored, even “geode-inspired” (are there really that many couples who feel a deep connection to geodes?) designs. The more eye-catching the better!

If your goal is to awe your guests and leave them talking about your cake for years to come, this is the perfect time to get married. If you can imagine it, there is a talented wedding cake bakery that can make it. Which of today’s trends is your favorite? Tell us all about them!

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  1. My son is trying to decide what kind of wedding cake to get. I didn’t know that there were so many kinds to get! I’ll suggest to him a drip cake, because those look absolutely delicious.

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