When to Skip the Skimp

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Bargain hunting is an art. With wedding planning websites and apps devoted to every possible form of discount, rebate, and flash sale, we can become addicted to “the deal”. Being frugal can be an admirable quality, and I can sympathize with couples who just want to save some hard-earned cash.  But when can you skimp?

The question, though, is “at what cost”? The following free wedding planning advice will save you untold pain, embarrassment, and in some cases your irreplaceable lifelong friendships.

Take the advice of this professional wedding planner and never, ever compromise on:

Guest Comfort and Safety

Shading your guests from intense direct sunlight, or offering them shelter in an electrical storm may come with price tags that you think are unnecessarily steep and overly cautious. Heat stroke and electrocution, however, are no joke, and you are liable for what happens to your loved ones on your watch. What is more important? Avoiding the embarrassment of EMTs charging down your aisle during your vows, or saving some bucks?

No one’s safety and physical comfort is worth the money you’ll save instead of doing the right thing.

Professional Labor

It’s a ton of fun to DIY before your wedding. Making things like favors and signature décor items can be a great way to express your creativity and even save a dollar.

It’s way less charming, though, to spend the hours before your walk down the aisle physically setting up your own tables, or to end your magical night folding and stacking chairs in your bridal gown.

Professional caterers and rental companies charge fair labor fees to have crews of trained personnel take care of these things for you. Those fees are well worth it in the end.

The Food

Repeat after me…”I will never, ever skimp on the food”.

Does that mean you have to host a tank of live Maine lobsters and a top shelf unlimited open bar? Of course it doesn’t. It does mean that you need trained and licensed professional caterers to provide your guests with hygienically prepared food served by trained food handlers.

You also have to serve them enough. Don’t get “crafty” with your wedding reception ideas and intentionally underestimate your guest count or whittle the quantities down so far that you are at risk of running out of food. Most perfect wedding days do not end with pizza delivery.

And please, do not make me explain why a no-host bar is inappropriate for a wedding. You invited them; they are your responsibility. Choose catering and beverage options you can afford, or scale back your guest list to lower overall costs. Do not turn your wedding into a commercial event.

The Payoff

This list isn’t exhaustive – there are plenty of other things you should never do when planning your wedding to save a penny. These are, however, some of the most important investments you will make in a safe, beautiful, and (happily) memorable celebration of your love story. When you’re making your budget sacrifices, keep these suggestions in mind and ensure that your wedding day is remembered for all of the right reasons.

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