Specialty Events

Because specialty events can vary wildly we do not offer packages but instead will customize a proposal based on the services you need and event you are planning. Please contact us for a consultation and proposal.

Corporate Events

We can assist with the planning and execution of your Company’s event. We specialize in Launch parties for Grand Openings, Mergers, and Branding. We can assist with Company Picnics, Holiday Parties, Retirement Parties and Investor Banquets. Our team can work with your corporate planner as well to collaborate on design and execution.

Non-profit Events

It takes a special person to devote themselves to a worthy endeavor. It is so exciting for us to see your event bring well deserved donations and much needed awareness to your cause. It is our goal to have these events “go viral” through social media. We want the word to spread like wildfire to ensure your event is a success. These are unique because we bring an element of Public Relations not necessary for traditional events. We already love what you do and would love to work with you!


You are a unique breed! When running for office there are so many details and events to consider. Luncheons for Lobbyists, Dinners for Diplomats, Brunch for your backers and so on. We’re not just here for your campaign celebrations but for all the intricate events you will need to participate. Let us host while you vote!