Posh Process

Thank you in advance for considering us for your event planning needs! We couldn’t be more honored. We pride ourselves on being Richmond’s Premiere Boutique Planning Company. All of our events are managed by a Principal Coordinator who oversees every aspect of your event. While we have a team of talented individuals we call upon for their expertise in floral design, stationary design, calligraphy, and etiquette and so on; you are never just a file passed from planner to planner.


We only book one event per weekend so that each event gets the undivided attention it deserves and we don’t put limitations on our time. We spend as much time as needed to make your event exactly what you desire. We’re also obsessed with shoes. We wear many shoes while planning and executing your event. You might think, don’t they mean hats? NO! Literally we wear many shoes. We have to put our sneakers on to do your running, hiking boots to find you THE perfect location, flip flops to wade through water holding your dress while your photographer tries to get THE shot, heels for the occasion and yes, even slippers while we’re packing it in. Okay we actually wouldn’t be caught dead in slippers, but I think you get the idea. Although events were our first baby so to speak… we’re more than event planners. We specialize in etiquette and design as well. Hosting an event takes certain finesse and the strictest attention to etiquette. As part of event planning we spend a lot of time instructing our clients on etiquette and see a real need to educate families, children, and business professionals on the subject as well. Design is intrinsic to event planning. The design is what brings a uniqueness/je ne sais quoi and you should make every effort to infuse as much personality into your event as possible!