Weddings Charlottesville VA style

Weddings Charlottesville VA style

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I honestly think I have the best job in the world.  Who wouldn’t want to be a wedding planner? Especially in Charlottesville, VA. Our job is to literally plan parties, events, and weddings.  Best of all we get to go to them!  We are there for the most monumental of occasions.  I love coordinating events for people for any occasion but specifically for their wedding.  So as part of this wedding planner series of posts I am going to tell you what I like most about coordinating a wedding in each area we serve.

Weddings Charlottesville VA style

For this post we’re focusing on Charlottesville VA.  Charlottesville is home to TJ’s Monticello.  Known local as C’ville.  It’s also sometimes called Hooville because UVA Cavaliers.  WAH HOO WAH!!  Orange and Blue vs. Maroon and Orange is something you can only understand if you’ve spent any time in Virginia.  The Tech, UVA rivalry is only matched by Ole Miss and Mississippi State.  You only have to look in one’s coat closet to tell which side of the fence they sit on.  Undoubtedly every home in Virginia houses at least one rain jacket in one of those two color combinations.  Charlottesville weddings MUST be scheduled around game days.  A local bride wouldn’t dare schedule her wedding during a home game, and especially not if they are playing Tech.  Reason numero uno is she wouldn’t want to miss the game either.  Number two… There will be no room blocks to be found.  You will have guests with nowhere to stay if you book your wedding on either a game weekend or Family weekend for UVA.

Weddings Charlottesville VA styleShould you make this ultimate faux pas however we must simply insist that you keep the local wine flowing.  Charlottesville has an unlimited amount of excellent vineyards to keep your guests happy.  They make beautiful backdrops for your ceremony as well.  The list is endless but here are my favorite three to visit.

  1. Veritas
  2. Pippin Hill
  3. Early Mountain Vineyards

Weddings Charlottesville VA styleIf you are a wine-o then Charlottesville is your gal for everything wedding.  Charlottesville boasts history as well.  There are lots of things for your guest to do and make a weekend of it.  They’ll love you forever if you set them up on a limo tour of Virginia’s wine country.

Weddings Charlottesville VA stylePS… Trump Winery is located here as well.  You may or may not want to visit depending on your political views.  Contact us today if you want to know where we stand on this particular vineyard!  Be sure to ask your Wedding Planner about all the pros of hosting a Charlottesville Wedding!!


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