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Beyond Burlap: Wooden Décor Options for Your Rustic Wedding

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Ask any wedding planner to name the most popular décor of all time and I’m willing to bet more than half will mention “Rustic Chic” (the other half would probably say “Simple and Elegant”). It’s not surprising, really. “Rustic Chic” endures generation after generation, seamlessly tying past to present. If you doubt this wedding design truth, search “new rustic barn wedding …

guest seat assignments

Take a Seat: A Wedding Planner’s Quick Guide to Guest Seat Assignments

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There is nothing quite like the experience of taking two families, two sets of friends, and two sets of peers or coworkers, throwing them all into the same room, and requiring them all to get along (often with alcohol). It seems a little unfair that the task of sorting out the whole mess falls to the guests of honor, but …

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Wedding Photography Options: First Looks vs. Waiting for the Aisle

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In the last few years we’ve seen couples become far more aware of how they are spending their precious time on the wedding day than ever before. Tradition dictates that brides and grooms should not see each other before their wedding ceremonies. However, contemporary couples want to join the party at the earliest possible moment. They participate in their cocktail …

Guest Book Alternative trend

Wedding Trends: 46 Alternative Guest Book Ideas

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No two couples are the same. Weddings shouldn’t be cookie-cutter copies of each other. They should be personal and meaningful, reflecting each love story in a unique way. While trending posts and photos sometimes make it feel like couples have only a few options if they want to have a great wedding, there are so many ways to customize your …

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Last-Minute Planning: To Do List for the Night Before Your Wedding

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After months of wedding planning, you have reached the night before your trip down the aisle! You’re a little nervous, kind of tired, and a lot excited. Your friends are starting to arrive from out of town and you get to check the really big stuff off your list. There’s nothing left to do, right? Unfortunately, not quite right. After …

9 Important Floral Tips: Wedding Planner Advice

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Finding pretty pictures that match your color palette and theme, and communicating them to your wedding florist is just part of the battle. Here are 9 important wedding floral tips to help you make great choices when ordering and handling your flowers.   Using Flowers for Pre-Ceremony Photos   Don’t expect to keep your bouquet out of water for five …