The World is my Oyster, my Wedding Oyster

The World is my Oyster, my Wedding Oyster

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I honestly think I have the best job in the world.  Who wouldn’t want to be a wedding planner and trot around the World?  Our job is to literally plan parties, events, and weddings.  Best of all we get to go to them!  We are there for the most monumental of occasions.  I love coordinating events for people for any occasion but specifically for their wedding.  So as part of this wedding planner series of posts I am going to tell you what I like most about coordinating a wedding in each area we serve.

The World is my Oyster, my Wedding Oyster The World is my Oyster, my Wedding Oyster

When I started my career as a wedding planner I never dreamed that I would be travelling the world as a wedding planner and coordinator.  10 years ago it wasn’t as easy to connect with vendors and clients across the globe.  The internet and technology has made the world and everything in it so accessible.  It’s incredibly easy to communicate with clients all over the globe.  Right now I have couples in New York, Barbados, Australia, Baltimore, Washington DC, Richmond, Charlottesville, Savannah, Charleston and England.  It’s incredibly rewarding and fun to talk to all these interesting people in these interesting places!!  I’m sure your wondering how all this works.  Well most of these clients find me through other channels, word of mouth and some connection we have in common.  Many of the International clients I work with have ties with the areas on the East Coast I service and want to come back to have their wedding here.  Either their alma mater is here, or family is here or they lived here at one point and love it.  Other clients live here and want to have a destination wedding.  Either way they need a world travelling wedding planner to be their advocate and help them through the additional challenges of planning a wedding from afar.  There is so much more involved in working out the logistics when you aren’t local.  An experienced wedding coordinator needs to be your 1st vendor you book with to help you through the process.

The World is my Oyster, my Wedding Oyster  The World is my Oyster, my Wedding Oyster The World is my Oyster, my Wedding Oyster

Some prefer to have a planner locally that they can meet with regularly and will travel with them to their destination wedding.  Others prefer to have a wedding planner who is local to where they will be getting married.  These clients typically choose a coordinator that is familiar with the area and local vendors and will communicate with them via Skype or Facetime, email and even sometimes a VOIP app.  For me the process is pretty standard to how I normally service my clients with the exception that virtual meetings replace coffee dates and wine nights and additional travel is involved with having either quarterly meetings with clients or scheduling a venue tour prior to the wedding.  Worldwide events interest me because it gives me an opportunity to broaden my horizon, break out of my time zone, do some travelling and gain some experiences that I wouldn’t normally gain.  I love my hometown and my Southern Weddings but what I wouldn’t do for a man in a kilt!  Or a woman in a Sari.  Life is full of memorable moments and I love helping to turn my client’s most memorable event into cherished moments in time.

The World is my Oyster, my Wedding Oyster  The World is my Oyster, my Wedding Oyster

PS… I just renewed my passport and need some stamps to fill that baby up!!  Contact me for all your worldwide wedding planner needs!!  Have Passport!  Will Travel!!

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