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Wedding Rentals – A Beginner’s Guide

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Peaked tents, chandeliers, chivari chairs, and luxurious linens – they are the basic building blocks of Pinterest-worthy weddings. Most big events require some kind of rental, whether the couple arranges for items directly or they are handled through a venue, event planner, or wedding designer. Since many couples have at least something to do with choosing their own rentals, we …

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Can’t Stand the Sand? Discover Five Incredible Non-Beach Wedding Destinations

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It seems inconceivable to a beach lover like me, but there are a good number of people around who do not love the sand and sun (gasp!). Lucky for them, there are many romantic venues and resorts around the world that offer the perfect settings for exchanging I Do’s. Below are five of our favorite non-beach wedding locations. Quebec, Canada …

Paris Wedding Elopement

“I-Do” for Two: Elopements on the Rise

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“Run away with me” – they are some of the most romantic words ever uttered sparking visions of a barefooted couple standing in the sand in front of rolling waves. Elopements, small weddings for two, are the stuff of dreams. Practically speaking, however, elopements are more than just romance-fests. They are relatively easy to plan at the last minute and …

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Tech Tools to Help You Plan Your Wedding

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Face it – we’re basically fully integrated with our laptops, cellphone and smart devices. When you want a deal, you can choose from hundreds of shopping apps to find the latest rebates or offers. If you want something to eat in a strange town, all you need to do is ask Siri or another tech tool and you’ll receive a …

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Pace Yourself – A Wedding Planning Timeline Can Keep You Sane and on Track

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We hear from overwhelmed couples all the time. Weddings are enormous events with a whole lot of moving parts. They have a tendency to drive even the toughest duos just a little nuts. It’s completely normal to feel lost or confused, but suffering unnecessary. Take things step by step and it will all be okay!  Step 1: Wedding Planning Timeline. …

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How to Have a Great Beach Wedding

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Beach weddings are everything we want them to be – dramatic, beautiful, romantic. When planning a beach wedding, however, you may encounter elements that make it seem more complicated than the average wedding. These include special rules and guidelines for using public beaches, uncontrollable weather situations, and the challenges of holding any ceremony outdoors, not to mention in the sand. …

It’s coming… Valentine’s Day… That big red Hallmark Holiday!

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It’s officially the first day of February.  For most of us that means we have 13 days left to figure out how we’re going to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  If you’re like Nik and I we are very much last minute nellies and tend to feel obligated to do something because the media has told us that we have to and …