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Tech Tools to Help You Plan Your Wedding

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Face it – we’re basically fully integrated with our laptops, cellphone and smart devices. When you want a deal, you can choose from hundreds of shopping apps to find the latest rebates or offers. If you want something to eat in a strange town, all you need to do is ask Siri or another tech tool and you’ll receive a comprehensive list of nearby hot spots. It shouldn’t be shocking at all that you can easily build an arsenal of productivity apps and cloud-based software – pretty much all of it free or close to free – to help you conquer every aspect of wedding planning.

Google Docs

A favorite collaborative tool, Google Docs is perfect for couples planning at a distance, busy folks who have to do their planning on their lunch breaks, and any couple with a wedding planner. Create spreadsheets, documents, or presentations and share them with your planning team.  Each of you can open the docs, add to them, fix them, and share your changes. Google Docs is ideal for building your guest list, tracking rsvps, putting together your reception play and don’t play lists, and building a comprehensive wedding timeline.

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If you’ve ever been frustrated by someone trying to send large photos through email and effectively crashing your internet, you’ll love Dropbox. Use the free version to upload your inspiration photos and share them with your planner, florist, and designer.  You can upload and share a whole lot of photos without compromising the hard drive on your own personal computer.

Outlook Calendar

Couples who have Outlook have an excellent productivity app with a lot of exciting features. Create a calendar just for wedding planning events and tasks and share that calendar with other Outlook users. It beautifully overlays your personal calendar so you get a great overview of the things that need to be done and when. Keep your bridal party on track and your guests informed about important dates and times with Outlook.

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Apps Galore

If you want to do it, there is an app for it. Use your mobile device to schedule e payments to your vendors through your bank. Save money for the honeymoon in various piggy bank apps. Enter guest lists and track rsvps as they come in on apps specially designed for weddings. You’ll find bargains, helpful reviews, and pre-made wedding to-do lists. There are apps to help you choose your wedding music, write your vows, remember your rings, and to get up in time to walk down the aisle!

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We live in an age of assistive technology for all – and what better way to take advantage than to put it to good work on your picture perfect dream wedding.  Have you found some fun apps to help you with your wedding planning?  We’d love to hear your thoughts!  Send them our way!


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