Weddings Richmond VA Sytle

Weddings Richmond VA Sytle

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I honestly think I have the best job in the world.  Who wouldn’t want to be a wedding planner?  Our job is to literally plan parties, events, and weddings.  Best of all we get to go to them!  We are there for the most monumental of occasions.  I love coordinating events for people for any occasion but specifically for their wedding.  So as part of this wedding planner series of posts I am going to tell you what I like most about coordinating a wedding in each area we serve.  Let’s begin with our hometown, Richmond, VA.

Before I get into all the goodness of what makes Richmond, VA  great, did you know that it is located within a 1 day drive for over half of the entire population of the United States?  Richmond is also located on the James River which is the longest river beginning and ending in one state.  Okay geeky fun fact portion of today’s broadcast is over!   I LOVE being a wedding planner in Richmond because this city is so versatile.  Locally we refer it to RVA or the “Rivah city”.  It’s full of gastro pubs, micro brews, local sources of wine, craft beer and moonshine.  There are endless possibilities for representing your roots when you have your wedding in Richmond.  RVA is a dynamic city and so versatile.  Literally every combination of race, ethnicity, culture, heritage, and lifestyle is represented here.  This is a city where it’s so easy to fly under the radar… or stand out.  It all depends on your preference.  One running theme through the city is a love of good food.  In my opinion we have some of the best caterers and restaurants.  My absolute number 1 favorite thing about planning Richmond Weddings… are the people.  I love connecting with them.  It’s a common theme here to bring out your personality in your wedding.  Really embrace what makes you unique as a couple and represent your home town but most importantly Richmonders want to be a good host.  Richmond couples make sure that their guests are provided with lots of yummy deliciousness in the form of drinks, dinner and tasty treats.  Here are my top 5 things to include when coordinating your Richmond Wedding:

  1. Weddings Richmond VA Sytle Virginia Shaped Sugar Cookies…  We all need a little pick me up on our way home from a night full of dancing!  These are my favorite edible favor.  They are portable, yummy and just simply adorable.  Put a little candied heart right over Richmond to mark the spot where you sealed your commitment to each other!
  2. Weddings Richmond VA SytleThink Global! Drink Local!! Support some local business by centering your cocktail hour around locally sourced items.  My two favorites are The Ruby Red Grapefruit Moonshine from  Belle Isle  and the Double IPA from Ardent Craft Brewery
  3. Weddings Richmond VA SytleFood Trucks!! Who doesn’t love a good food truck?  Richmond has a plethora of them.  They are so insanely fun to have at an outdoor wedding or on stand by for cocktail hour.  It’s a one stop, mobile source of deliciousness!  One of my favorites is the Boka Tako Truck
  4. Artfully Done! VCU is the core of Richmond and with it comes all the art students.  The murals around town make a perfect backdrop to your wedding photos.  My favorite is of two astronauts kissing for a selfie.  It’s located on W Grace Street.  What a better way to make your wedding special than to incorporate local art!  Check out the mural project for information and locations on all the murals in town.
    Weddings Richmond VA Sytle

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  5. The city itself! I LOVE a good cityscape and there are so many great spots in town to take your wedding on location.  The latest trend is the Trolley to take you from location to location to get all your bridal party pictures done.  Some of my favorites are the Libby Hill Overlook, Belle Isle, Canal Walk and the Capitol building. The Capitol makes amazing formal photos while tipping your hat to the embracing the city itself. Weddings Richmond VA Sytle

Contact us if you have any you’d like to add to the list or if you need help coordinating any of these items for your own wedding.

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