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Wedding Photography Options: First Looks vs. Waiting for the Aisle

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In the last few years we’ve seen couples become far more aware of how they are spending their precious time on the wedding day than ever before. Tradition dictates that brides and grooms should not see each other before their wedding ceremonies. However, contemporary couples want to join the party at the earliest possible moment. They participate in their cocktail hours and would rather not devote an hour or more to formal photography between the ceremony and reception.
I’ve seen both in action, and can say with authority that there is no one right option. Considering the pros and cons of each will help you make the best choice for you.

First Looks

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The primary advantage of a “first look” is saving time. Your photographer stages a moment, and records your reactions to seeing each other in your wedding day best for the very first time. Once the moment is captured, you are free to take all of the bridal party and family photos you want. In theory, this should cut the time devoted to photography after your ceremony way down and allow you to get to the party to celebrate with your friends.
A first look is also good for reducing anxiety. If you are worried that your stress will show, getting that very emotional moment out of the way can help you relax and better enjoy your day.

Waiting for the Aisle

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Many, many newlyweds agree that the single most memorable moment of their wedding was when they saw their future husbands and wives standing at the altar or taking first steps down the aisle. You can recreate this with a well-planned first look, but it’s nearly impossible to accurately recreate that intense feeling.

A great professional wedding photographer can expertly speed your between-event photos along. Some pre-planning, a must-have photo list, and an authoritative person on hand to keep folks on deck and ready makes all the difference in the world. Second shooters are also helpful for maximizing the photo ops while minimizing the time. A great team is able to orchestrate quick but powerful photos and get their newlyweds from church to the party as fast as possible.

First Looks? Wait for the Aisle? The Secret to Happiness Is…

The real secret to helping you pick the right photo strategy for your wedding is to screen your prospective wedding photographers carefully. Once you have chosen your pro, he or she should have gobs of suggestions to help you make the most of your wedding day. Consult with each other, your wedding planner, and your photographer and together decide what the most effective use of your time on the wedding day will be. You will be grateful that you did the legwork in advance and will be on your way to having your perfect wedding day.


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