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Out of Control Budget: What You Should Do

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“Dear Make it Posh. My fiancé and I set a strict budget for our wedding shortly after we became engaged. As the wedding gets closer, I’m starting to get really nervous because everything is more expensive that we expected. We really can’t stretch the budget any farther, but we still have months to go before the big day. What should we do?”

If you’re finding your funds aren’t carrying quite as far as you hoped, you’re not alone. Many couples are taken by surprise by the expenses associated with a wedding, while others realistically estimate their costs but find that factors like exploding guest lists dramatically impact their bottom line.

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First, take comfort in the fact that you are actively managing your budget and are in fact aware that there is a problem. That alone is a form of responsibility, so you are on your way back to being on track.

When it comes to blowing the budget, there are really only three options: 1) trim the fat and bring your expenses back under control, 2) continue your current trajectory and find a way to cover the extra expenses, 3) consult your vendor experts and ask for options and suggestions. It may mean sacrificing something you had your heart set on, and may even necessitate changing your venue, date or vendors. At least, with all of your options in front of you, you can make an educated decision.

Do not even think about asking your guests to pay for their meals or beverages, and do not add “please help pay for the wedding – cash gifts only” to your invitation. Your financial issues should be maintained as private family-only affairs and your guests

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should be treated with respect. You might be very lucky and receive cash on the Big Day, but it won’t be at your request.

Budget woes are painful and hugely uncomfortable for everyone involved. Open the lines of communication between yourselves, your families and your wedding professionals and prepare for some sacrifices. Ultimately, you can be proud of your attention to one of life’s most challenging situations – preparation you will no doubt be thankful for as your new lives begin.

If you’re not sure about how to handle your wedding budget, reach out to us today for help.

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