Managing Your Wedding Party

Managing Your Wedding Party: Tips for Success

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Managing Your Wedding Party

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Wedding Party Management: Communicate for Success

There is nothing quite like that moment you call your sister, your cousin, or your best friend from college and not only announce your engagement, but ask him or her to join your wedding party. These are the people who have shaped your life and who you want closest to you on your big day.

They are also the people who you want to love and support you after the wedding. Taking the time to communicate wedding details, attire requirements, and specific roles clearly can go a long way to setting you up for continued lifelong friendship.


The “Proposal”

When you choose your wedding party members, think first what you are asking of them. There is a time and financial investment involved in serving in a wedding party. Remember that not everyone is in a situation that will allow for additional expenses. Also note that even though it feels like the world is revolving around your wedding right now, the rest of the world goes on. If someone must decline, be understanding and supportive.

Be prepared with basic information when you “propose” to your prospective wedding party. Know your wedding date, if possible, the area where you plan to hold the ceremony and reception. Also know basic tasks that you will want your party to complete. Do not be demanding, but be forthcoming if you need help. Wedding party status does not automatically make anyone a mind reader!

Managing your wedding party

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Get Organized and Become a Masterful Communicator

There are so many details involved in a wedding that it can be easy to push off the ones that don’t directly involve you. However, your wedding party needs to budget money for attire, parties, and possibly travel and arrange for leave from work or school to attend. As you have important information, make sure you pass it on. Email is handy, but a wedding website is another good way to share dates, times and locations. Shop with your attendants for their attire once yours is selected, and do it early. Custom attire and bridesmaids gowns can take months to deliver.

Check out some of our favorite tools to create your wedding website! Minted, The Knot, and Wix!


Managing Your Wedding Party

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Be a Gracious Guest

If you are lucky enough to be the guest of honor at a wedding shower, bachelorette party or other events, be a gracious guest. Show up on time, be extraordinarily grateful and have a great time. Provide your hosts with contact information for guests that you would like to have included as soon as you are notified. Don’t invite guests who are not also invited to the wedding to the parties.


Accept Help – Do Not Demand It

It is traditional to expect some or all of your wedding party to offer to host your showers and to help with wedding-related tasks. They may even lend a hand when folding programs or addressing invitations. However, any help offered is a privilege, not an expectation, so please be gracious.

It’s nice to have responsibilities in mind for sincere requests. Some people really like to help. Keep track of what is still undone, and if asked, provide a specific idea with clear instructions.

Keeping your bridal party content is as easy as knowing what you want and need, and communicating it when asked. Act as if you will still be friends in 20 years and your wedding party experience should be a great success.

Do you have some advice or crazy real-life stories to tell about your wedding party? If so, send us a note!

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  1. So perfectly put! I think sometimes people tend to forget how much time and money it takes to be in the bridal party, so I really appreciate you mentioning that!

  2. “Keep track of what is still undone”. I love this tip because it’s so true that some people genuinely “want to help”. And they may not be the type of person to speak up and say so! Be prepared with a yes, and something specific they can do. Great!

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