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The Do’s and Don’ts of Wedding Toasts

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One of the most nerve-wracking responsibilities for honor attendants and parents is delivering a wedding toast. You want to say something that will make guests laugh and cry, and leave them wanting more (not booing you off the dance floor!). We can’t necessarily take the anxiety and anticipation out of the duty, but we can share our do’s and don’ts to help you survive the ordeal and be remembered eternally for our touching words, not our “unique” delivery.

DO prepare your toast in advance. Very fancy research (conducted by me at years and years of wedding receptions) confirms that less than 1% of the population can pull off an exquisite ad lib toast. In truth, it may be event less than that. Have a plan, and for goodness sake, stick to it!

DO learn how to pronounce the guests of honors’ names – especially their new last name if one or the other is changing it. Botching that looks bad – it is the very least you can do to practice a couple of times in advance.

DO use a conservative number of romantic and/or funny quotes to inspire the newlyweds and their guests.

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DO NOT borrow those quotes from a book of dirty jokes!

DO be conscientious of time. Ask your hosts in advance how long they expect your toast to be and try very hard to stay within their parameters.

DO NOT toast in an altered state. You think drunk texts are bad? You could end up a raving drunk captured expertly by the couple’s videographer. Not a good look.

DO remember to thank your hosts if appropriate, and to specifically congratulate the newlyweds

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DO NOT tell stories that your best pal may have kept secret from his or her parents or new spouse. It might seem really funny and opportune to embarrass the heck out of your buddy, but it is more likely to be harmful and hurtful to one or both. If you’re concerned you might cross the line, run the joke by the concerned party first.

DO be creative.

DO NOT announce things that you haven’t checked out first; don’t open the buffet line, and don’t open the mic to other speeches.

DO have fun with it. If you speak genuinely from the heart and exercise even the most common of courtesy, you will be the success you aim to be!

We LOVE to hear a good toast!  If your wedding had a memorable one send it to us!


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