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While I’ve always strived to be a lady, I acquired the title Lady on June 1, 2012. The day Nik and I got married. Likewise, he acquired the title Laird. No, that’s not a misprint. Lord is for England Laird is for Scotland. So how can a Southern girl and a Greek guy be Laird and Lady of Chaol Ghleann?
One of my very best friends (who is from England) bought us each one square foot of property on the grounds of Dunans Castle as part of its conservation plan. Meant to be a fun tongue in cheek wedding present, it has been the one we’ve gotten the most enjoyment out of because it’s given us a great story and amazing deeds of entitlement to hang on our walls. One day we’ll plan to go see the castle in person and maybe buy a piece or Tartan to go with our deeds!! When I’m not busy being a lady or Lady I enjoy spending time with my family which consists of my Husband Nik, our dog Buster and our two gorgeous girls Lily and Mira. We love being on the water, going to the beach, boating, kayaking and sailing. I have a new found passion in photography, which admittedly makes me a better event planner because I design for things to be most appealing in your event’s photos. We also love bike riding, walks, history, a good drink, good food, and good company. Most of all we enjoy TRAVELLING!! That is the fun part of my job. I get to travel to the most amazing destinations meeting the greatest people. I plan events all up and down the East Coast but really specialize in DC, Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida and International events. Having lived in multiple other countries for most of my youth; I just adore the traditions other areas instill in their events.

to be continued…

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