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Planning a Fall Wedding: Pros and Cons

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With summer arriving it’s time to think ahead a bit and consider the benefits and drawbacks of planning weddings in the fall. Did we mention we love a Fall Wedding?

It’s actually hard to come up with many “cons”. Fall in the mid-Atlantic is usually pretty temperate compared to the oppressive heat of late summer and bitter cold of winter and early spring. Sometimes fall has the lowest precipitation too (though it does vary from year to year). It’s nice to have the option of using outdoor spaces when considering various wedding venue ideas.

Tourists come from around the world in fall to see the famous corridors of fall foliage in vibrant patches of yellow, gold, and red. It is the perfect backdrop for romantic outdoor wedding photos.

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Wedding designers find that seasonal flowers are easy to source in hues that complement the changing leaves. Deep purples and reds are popular in bridal bouquets and reception centerpieces. Rustic candlelit lanterns look beautiful surrounded by collections of leaves, deep orange and red roses, antique green hydrangea, and accents of a variety of berries, succulents, and garden-fresh regional favorite flowers.

Fall is also the perfect time of year to enjoy the flavors of the season, and to incorporate them into your locally-inspired menu. Share favorite cider recipes from your youth with your loved ones, or ask your caterer to incorporate seasonal dishes like pumpkin bisque and roast turkey.

Among the few drawbacks to planning a wedding in fall are the sheer popularity of the season and the associated premium prices you may be asked to pay. Fall is rapidly overtaking summer as the peak time of year to host a wedding. Popularity comes with a heftier price tag than you might find other times of year.

Also a concern for couples planning fall weddings is availability. Competition for wedding venues and professional wedding vendors can become intense in fall, and may require that you secure your wedding venue a full 18 months in advance or more. That said, there are also sometimes deals available, especially through resorts and hotels that typically host big events, if you can be flexible with your wedding day (i.e. avoid premium Saturdays).


Additionally, fall is a busy time of year for families with children. School returns to session in most places, and fall sports start in earnest. If you’re planning a fall wedding, give your wedding party and guests the earliest possible heads up so family schedules can be synced with wedding events.

You actually have to work pretty hard to find the cons to planning a fall wedding. It is one of our favorite times of year, and it’s not hard at all to understand why so many people are now planning their own fall I Do’s. If you are a lover of autumn’s charm, start planning your beautiful fall wedding today!

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