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Southern Weddings Heirloom Inspired Shoot

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children with lamb I had a conversation with another vendor recently that really sent sparks flying and had all my synapses firing.  She asked me how I come around to a concept for a wedding.  She wanted to know how I match a client with a design and vice versa.  We got to talking about how I get to know my clients on a personal level so that I can be intuitive to their likes and dislikes and their personality.  I told her that more often than not a client brings me something that I style the shoot around.  A trinket, antique, tchotchke, heirloom or piece of jewelry typically inspires me to center the entire event design around 1 single, tangible item.  We talked about how much impact this one little item can have.  It’s representational of the couple, of family, of unity.  Sometimes it’s completely understated and often even goes unnoticed by guests.   The intention of this one tiny little piece of something is completely lost on most people present but it holds significant value to the couple. southern bride

One of my favorite brides brought me a piece of jewelry that has been in her family for years.  It actually belonged to someone she had never met but to this bride it meant everything.  This piece of jewelry symbolized her whole family, where she had come from, who she was… and having it at her wedding was a touching remembrance of the ties that bind as she formed a new branch in the family tree.  To her, family lived on in this small trinket that wasn’t even valuable monetarily.

That feeling is what I want to emulate in every couple I work with and what inspired this styled shoot.  I pulled out my family’s heirlooms and started thinking about my family.  I come from a very traditional Southern family.  We went to church on Sunday where ladies wore hats and white gloves.  We went to cotillion.  Emphasis was put on etiquette and manners.  Most importantly; family was priority.  I wanted to bring the Southern family feel to this styled shoot.  I incorporated elements from my own family and let my memories fuel my inspiration.Seven Springs Venue

  • The color inspiration for the shoot came from the came from my mom’s cameos. They have a lovely grapefruit color which reminds me of the fruit my Papa ate every morning for breakfast and how he used to pour salt on it and how awful I remember it being when he finally let me try it.
  • The bible my Big-Nana passed down to me and has the entire family’s names, dates of birth and the family tree written in it. It has her favorite passages circled and notes in her handwriting in the margins.    The bible is inspirational in itself, but it reminds me our roots are recorded on the pages; not just by my Big Nana but, by God.
  • My Nana’s punch bowl that served her wedding guests in 1936 and was a gift from her mother should serve the generations to come. My grandparents were deeply in love and the cups they drank from to begin their marriage might bring us all luck in marriage if we drink from them too.
  • The peaches on the tables and in the centerpieces remind me of the home-made cobbler with fresh vanilla ice cream my cousins and I ate as kids.  My Grandmother was German and called it Kuchen instead of cobbler but I adored it and no one can make it quite the same.

cocktail hour Styling this shoot was so inspirational for me.  Every time I picked up an item and held it I was reminded of my family, the love they had for each other and for me and I cannot think of a better way to start a new life with your love than having all the love and support from all those past generations.

The shoot was featured in an article on Southern Weddings Magazine today and I am over the moon excited about it!  I hope you love it as much as we do!!   Read it Here.  If you want to hear more about the inspiration behind the shoot we’d love to chat with you!!  Like our work?  Want to see more?

I just can’t think our lovely vendors enough for all the hard work they put in making this vision come to life!!  They can’t come more highly recommended!

Planning: Make it Posh | Photography: Annamarie Akins | Videography: The Herrintons | Venue: Seven Springs | Mobile bar: The Cozy Caravan | Classic car: First Class Limo | Bakery: The Mixing Bowl | Vintage rentals: Paisley & Jade | Linens and rentals: Classic Party Rentals | Hair and makeup: Lou Stevens Glam Squad | Wedding dresses: Annalise Bridal Boutique | Bridesmaid dresses: Bella Bridesmaid | Menswear: Tiffanys Bridal | Bow ties:Bows-n-Ties | Watercolor artist: Laura Ray | Flowers: Mona Ray | Stationery and printing: Love Laced Designs | Live portrait artist: Wyatt Ramsey | Laser cut signs: Laura Hooper Calligraphy | Band: Forest Hill/Shack Band viaEast Coast Entertainment | Catering: Butler’s Unique Catering | Local Spirits: James River Distillery | Local Oysters: Rappahannock Oyster Co.

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