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The Do’s and Don’ts of Meeting Vendors

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Unless you plan to exchange vows on the beach in the presence of just yourselves and the universe, you will inevitably need to interview at least one, if not many  wedding vendors. While each vendor is different, there are some do’s and don’ts that apply to every interview. You’ll want to keep these in mind to set yourself up for the best possible relationships and services.

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Wedding Vendor Consultations – Do’s
  • Do review any information available on a professional’s website or in materials they may send you before your consultation. A lot of questions that you have for vendors can be answered in advance, allowing you more time to talk about your unique wedding.
  • Do be on time. Great vendors – the ones you want at your wedding – value their time and are interviewing you as much as you are them. Make a good first impression.
  • Do bring stakeholders to your consultation. If you know you won’t hire a planner unless your mother approves, bring her with you.
  • Do bring any inspiration photos, fabric samples, ideas jotted on paper napkins, or any other ideas that you are excited about to your consultation so you can share your vision with your prospective vendor.
  • Do ask questions. If something is confusing or concerning, nicely ask for additional information.
  • Do be prepared to hire an absolutely fabulous vendors on the spot (but don’t feel obligated if you are unsure).
  • Do be respectful. You may not agree with the prospects ideas, pricing structure, or general outlook on life and weddings, but there are plenty of other fish in the sea. And the fish DO talk! Don’t be the couple everyone warns others about!

Wedding Vendor Consultations – Don’ts

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  • Don’t bring an entourage. An initial consultation is not the time to bombard your professional with the entire bridal party, both families, and your neighbors and coworkers. This is a time for you to discuss delicate things like price, payments, and other issues not everyone needs to hear. Stick to decision-makers and promise everyone else that there will be a role for them later.
  • Don’t commit to a contract without reading it first.
  • Don’t ignore telltale signs of incompatibility with your wedding vendors. If it is not working today, it probably will not work for your wedding either.
  • Don’t expect the world for free – this is a consultation. It is unreasonable to expect someone you haven’t hired to give you all of their expertise or product for free. Check references and reviews, and be willing to commit to a professional with a contract and retainer before receiving the gifts of service and information.

Each type of consultation (i.e. baker, florist, caterer, etc.) has specific protocols, but these dos and don’ts are universal.

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