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Photo Credits are so important!  I am so blessed to know such talented people and even more blessed that these awesome
photographers allowed me to feature some of their amazing pictures on our site. When we
start planning a wedding we (meaning the couple and I) plan everything with the intention of
immortalizing their day through photography. I think most would agree that one of the most
important investments you can make is with your photographer. This is a very big milestone
and something you’ll likely only experience once in a lifetime. I want to give a shout out to
these amazing Virginia photographers and encourage you to go out and look at more of their
work!  Photography is something I am very passionate about.  Both from in front of and behind the camera.  What other medium can literally capture memories and preserve them forever?  I love that photography can take a split second in time, capture the emotion and contain it to be savored at a later time.  That said it’s only fair that we give credit where credit is due:

In Alphabetical Order by first name:

Abigail Volkmann Photography:

Alisandra Photography:

April B Photography:

Ayesha Ahmad Photography:

Katie Nesbitt Photography:

Kristine Pringle Photography

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