Vendor Spotlight … Kristine Pringle Photography

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Kristine isn’t just an amazing area photographer but she’s a dear friend and probably just about the sweetest person you’ll ever meet. I always feel bad when I say bad words around her! It doesn’t happen often but I do have to admit that “Damn IT! “ is probably my favorite phrase when I’m frustrated and let’s face it just feels so good to say, right?! Kristine and I have had the pleasure of working together professionally and she does many of our family portraits. I love how she documents the milestones in life and is always so sweet with our girls. She captures the sweetest moments that we treasure so. Kristine is the catalyst in my interest in photography. I bought my first DSLR because of her and the classes she teaches. It’s helped me in so many ways. I have a better “eye” for photography and that makes my design strategy better when planning events. It also has allowed me to capture more moments with my children. I can’t say enough about Kristine! I just adore her! Kristine Pringle Photography



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